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Product Description

Product Description

       Mini crawler CZPT has beautiful appearance, high configuration, reliable performance, low fuel consumption and complete functions. It is suitable for garden CZPT ing, housing foundation construction, garden earthwork, all kinds of pipeline construction, vegetable CZPT house, farmland cultivation, house decoration, ground breaking, etc.
        It can greatly reduce the labor cost of CZPT construction, and greatly improve the speed of CZPT construction, especially in the narrow space, and its advantages are more prominent.
       Through the replacement of CZPT accessories, the micro CZPT can carry out earthwork excavation, trenching, leveling, loading, crushing, drilling, hoisting, wood grabbing, grass grabbing and other operations.
       Excavator can be equipped with quick connect, flat bucket, narrow bucket, auger, crushing hammer, hydraulic thumb clip, mechanical thumb clip, grab, tilt bucket, scarifier, rake.



        Products through CE certification, access to Chinese appearance patents, can effectively ensure the interests of users.


Our Advantages


All hydraulic fittings are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials. The shape of the fittings is designed according to the working conditions. The cutting force is small and the working efficiency is high. After five years of market verification, the CZPT er feedback is good


With the continuous upgrading and improvement of the product, the technical parameters and details of the product will change, and will not be changed separately. Product details shall be subject to the contract.