Alloy near me Steel Transmission Trencher Roller Conveyor Chain with SGS Approve Custom d

Product Description

Trencher Chain
Aside from the trencher chain, we also offer similar roller chains to suit the application demands of many other types of CZPT machinery.
This series of transmission chain for trenchers is mainly used in dirty environment, and has high requirement on its performance in withstanding impact load. For optimized performance, we design this product based on simulated working environment. Also, we give special attentions to the design of each chain component so as to meet application demands perfectly. The design details are given below.
1. The product is designed with increased gap between the bushing and the pin, as well as the gap between the roller and the bushing. Thus, the flexible turning and rotation movements are ensured.
2. Due to the optimized clearance between the sidebar and the pin, as well as the clearance between the sidebar and the bushing, the connection firmness between the sidebars and the pin/bushing is largely enhanced.
3. The bushing with increased carburized depth helps extend the service life of the trencher chain.
4. Some wearing parts are hard chromium plated to avoid too quick surface abrasion.

Chain no. Pitch P(mm) Width of inner link b1(mm) Sidebar Pin Diameter of roller d1(mm) Tensile strength Q(min)(KN) Weight per meter q kg/m
T mm h mm H mm d1 mm L1 mm L2 mm
2250GL-M 42.01 25.2 4.9 31.8 38.1 11.1 26.9 29.4 22.23 120 6.57
2250GL-M2 42.01 25.5 6.4 31.8 60.3 11.1 26.9 33.9 22.23 120 6.47

Chain no. Pitch P(mm) Width of inner link b1(mm) Sidebar Pin Diameter of roller d1(mm) Tensile strength Q(min)(KN) Weight per meter q kg/m
T mm h mm H1 mm H mm E mm E1 mm E2 mm E3 mm d4 mm d2 mm L mm
2250GL-M3 42.01 25.2 4.9 31.8 33.3 60.3 69.8 41.3 2.9 25.4 9.95 11.1 56.3 22.23 120 7.78

For more than 20 years, we have focused on CZPT chains.

For more than 20 years, We have done hundreds of different kinds of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of CZPT chain experience.

Here are some of the varieties of the chains.

About us
The chain & sprocket kit makes for a simple but extremely effective combination. These components are an integral part of logistic equipment, material handling equipment, and other types of automated mechanical assemblies. Renowned for durability and dependability, XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.WU can provide prospective CZPT ers with outstanding chain transmission solutions. 

As an experienced Chinese transmission chain manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of products including the CZPT class roller chain, conveyor chain, elevator chain, drop forged chain, welded steel chain, and sprockets. Also CZPT are specialized chains for sugar and palm oil industries. The strong CZPT capacity of XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.WU has assisted many a client with the effective design of unique products. CZPT orders with pre-attached drawings and samples can be accommodated. We will formulate corresponding blueprints and await the manufacturing confirmation. Fact-more than 40% of CZPT annual production value can be attributed to CZPT products with CZPT -standard specifications. 

Incorporated in 2000, we have since made significant strides in the improvement of manufacturing techniques. A complete corporate management system allows us to effectively recruit new talents while developing new types of CZPT and conveyor chains. Through progressive CZPT ment, we have emerged as the leading designer and manufacturer of CZPT standard conveyor chains in mainland CZPT . Our excellent reputation has allowed us to gain entry into the National Chain Transmission Standardizing CZPT nology Committee of CZPT .