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Product Description

Product Description

Belt conveyor is many industrial departments extensive needs logistic transportation machinery.

Sincethe belt conveyor many varieties, specifications wide, can apply to the chemical industry,
The light industry, food, food, building materials, telecommunications and many other department
Logistics conveyor requirements; Also can meet the wharf, yard, warehouse, workshop,
And other CZPT lines conveying requirements. Belt conveyor based on tape, steel strips,
Steel fiber belt, plastic belt and chemical fiber zone as teleport material and traction workpieces
Conveyor machinery.
Its characteristic is bearing material of belt is transfer CZPT of traction pieces,
This and other mechanical transmission have significant difference.
It is in continuous conveyor the most widely used a, and with the tape mainly.

· Integral sheet metal forming, steel is strong and difficult to deformed;
· CZPT pean-style design, reliable, durable and CZPT life;
· Moving flexible, highly can adjust;
· Achieved with other planar converyor belts connected to use;
· Easy to install, adjust and operate.


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Q: About your factory ? 

A: Our engineers have 20 years of industry experience , committed to injection molding peripheral and refrigeration industry automatic integration of Equipment Research and development .

Q: About the product information and whether to support OEM ?

A:We accept OEM of this series of products , please contact me for more product data .


Q: About the warranty on the product ? 

A: Our professional engineers communicate with video and offer an one-year warranty (due to product quality issues) .


Q: About time of delivery and mode of delivery ? 

A: Delivery Period 10-20 days , support factory delivery and FOB .


Q: About the terms of payment ? 

A:Delivery by 100% payment before departure , T / T , L / C , Western Union and other international payment methods .