Dog Caterpillar Conveyor Chain for Transmission System

Dog Caterpillar Conveyor Chain for Transmission System

Forged chain , trolleys,carriers employed on overhead conveyor creation line.
Software for X348

Main merchandise are Forge chain and trolley, welded url chain, CZPT and non-common stainless steel and carbon metal roller chain, Leaf chain, common and non-common conveyor chain, Scraper conveyor chain, Cranked website link chain, double furthermore chain, double pitch transmission chain, plastic chain, sprockets and Other equipment.

The items can be blended to discover the greatest feasible solution for even the most demanding apps. Specific remedies can also be created for customers’ person requirements.

Drop Forged Rivetless Chain, Drop Forged Chains, drop cast hyperlink,forged scraper chains.

1.Fall solid detachable chains X348,X458,X678,X698,F100,F160,P80,P100,P200 and and many others…
two.Cat Pilar Chains for X348,X458,X678,X698
three.Scraper chains P142,P142V,P142H,P200,P102,P250,P260
4.Removable chain 51,fifty two,fifty five,57,62,74,78

Relevant overhead trolley&carriages&spare parts
.as for every your drawings or samples

Scraper chains P142,P142V,P142H,P200,P102,P250,P260
Detachable chain 51,52,fifty five,fifty seven,sixty two,74,78


Dog Caterpillar Conveyor Chain for Transmission System