Mi near me shop nin Cheap g Chain Coal Cutting Machine Yrg3

Product Description

Application scope:
The coal cutter is applicable to CZPT -wall coal face whose height is 0.8-1.5m, inclined angle is less than 16o and coal hardness is less than 3.5 and which contains little dirt sand. It adopts stepless variable speed hydraulic tractor, hydraulic components with original packaging and mature and reliable technology and features stable operation, failure-free operation and low maintenance cost. The machine constitutes a top-end general coal face when it is used together with scraper conveyor, single hydraulic post and metal roof beam and can reduce initial investment and realize quick return. It can also adopt wireless remote control to reduce labor intensity  and improve the mining efficiency.

Structural feature:
It is a riding type, single rocker and hydraulic traction thin seam roller coal cutter.

Model Application scope(m) Output CZPT (kw) Operation mode National popularization
Extra thin seam coal cutter MG100-TP YRG3 0.45-0.9 100 Manual 2005
YRG4 Manual 2011
YRG5 Manual* remote control 2012
Thin seam coal cutter MG110-BT YRG6 0.8-1.5 110 Manual, manual + remote control 2016
Extra thin seam coal cutter YRG7 <0.5 70-100 Remote control During industrial test

Main technical parameters of MG100-TP (YRG4) type coal cutter:

Applicable inclined angle <16°
Seam hardness (f) <5
Mining height (mm) 800-1500
Cutting depth (mm) 950-700
Production capacity (t/h) 120-250
Voltage (v) 660
Traction mode Hydraulic anchor chain traction
Traction speed (m/min) 0-4.1
Conveyor type SGB630/60, SGB620/40 or SGB620/80
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  • Service content: Maintenance, service and heavy & medium repair of CZPT mechanical equipment and electrical equipment.

            Machining equipment: Lathe, drill, miller, grinder, saw machine and punch press.
            CZPT electrical and mechanical equipment: Coal cutter, scraper conveyor, winch, crusher and tippler.                  Building machinery:  Cutter, CZPT , concrete mixer, bulldozer, road roller and tower crane.
            Farm machinery: Rice transplanter, crusher, sprayer, cropper and water pump.

  • Service mode: Door-to-door maintenance or maintenance in the Company. CZPT nical personnel can be outsourced when necessary.

            Forms of cooperation: One-time maintenance, one-time settlement; monthly and annual maintenance     
            contracts can be  signed for routine maintenance; contracts should be separately signed for heavy repair              and medium repair.