Plastic En sales ergy Drag Cable Chain for Festoo price n System

Product Description

Goods Description:

1. This product has high mechanical strength, good wear resistance and strong impact resistance.
2. It is not easy to be deformed and aged under the conditions of indoor and outdoor temperature -40°C~+110°C. 3. It has stable performance and CZPT service life. Various types of CNC machine tools, industrial automation equipment, CZPT plastics machinery, CZPT automation assembly lines and other mechanical and electrical industries.
4. It is suitable for use in reciprocating motion, and can play a role in traction and protection of built-in cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, etc.
5. Each section of the towline can be opened for easy installation and maintenance. Low noise, wear resistance and high speed movement during exercise.
6. Material: Reinforced Nylon, with high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity and wear resistance. CZPT and low temperature Bt performance is stable and can be used outdoors.


1. Good tensile strength, toughness
2. CZPT liquids and lubricants resistance
3. CZPT flame resistance
4. Anti-corrosion, rub-resistance
5. CZPT load resistant
6. Easily to  assemble and  install