Scraper Conveyor Chain with Scraper for Chain Conv Cost eyo Custom r System

Product Description

We have supplied CZPT chain  to many countries. All chains are forged by 40Cr,20 CrMnTi ,35CrMo and other material.All chains have been heat treated in procession to guarantee the mechanical properity. Some of them can be welded according to your demand, Special size can be forged according to your design.
Process: Forging and Machining
Raw Material:  Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel
Surface Treatment: Black & Zinc plated & Shot Blasting & Anti-dust Treatment
Product Specification: As per CZPT er’s  Drawings
Package:Poly wood cases
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Square chain include drop forged chain and steel punched chain.
Available products:
1) X348, X458, 468H, X678, 698, 698H, F100x16, F100x17, F160x24 drop forged Rivetless chain
2) Forged chain: 78, 74, 62, 57, 55
3)Scraper chain P100,P102 P142,P150,P152.4,P200,P250,P260

Scraper Chain size P100

4) Relevant trolleys,carriers and spare parts
5) Relevant wheels