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Product Description

1)  Product  Description:

stainless steel 304/316 ordinary mild steel CZPT link chain
Product Name    stainless steel 304/3165 ordinary mild steel CZPT link chain
Size    1/8”-1”
Material    Stainless steel (AISI)304/Stainless steel 316 (AISI )
Packing    Gunny bags,Cartons,Reels,Pails,Drums,Ply-wood Boxes
Using for    Lifting,Tensioning,Transportation
Surface    Self-color, E.Galv. , H.D.Galv.,polishing

2) CZPT Names:

Transmission Chain

Transportation Chain CZPT
Lifting Chain
Mild Steel CZPT Chain
High Test Chain
Proof Coil Chain
Transport Chain
Master Chain CZPT
Link Chain
Australian Standard CZPT Chain
US Standard CZPT Chain

3)  Main Features:
a .Mainly are made of stainless steel 304(AISI304),stainless steel316(AISI316) material,
b:According to different applications and functions, chains are divided into :
1. transmission chain
Mainly used for transmitting CZPT . For example, double pitch transmission roller chain, sleeve
transmission chain, toothed transmission chain,etc.

2. CZPT Chain
Chains mainly for transportation of materials. For example, CZPT pitch conveyor chains, short pitch
roller conveyor chains and so on.

3.Lifting Chains
Mainly used for tensioning and lifting machineries and cargos.

4. Special Chains
Mainly used on special mechanical devices, with special features .

4) Quality & Service Assurance  :

1.Great quality: Control for eachproduct,from the raw material to the final process

2. Price: Offer the lowest ex-factory prices with a wide range of shipping ways.

 quality certificate, management certificate, test  reports.   

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5.Timely delivery.     

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