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Product Description

Newamstar always insists in technology innovation to drive its development, creating more than thirty “China first” such as the first PET bottled 3-in-1 water filling line, the first PET bottle aseptic filling line, the first PET bottle ultra-clean hot filling line, the first 36000BPH PET bottle hot filling line, the first granular beverage filling line, the first PET bottled beer filling machine, the first PET bottle blowing-filling-capping combiblock, the first 6000BPH PET bottled edible oil weighing filler, etc.

Major fields: beverage, dairy, alcohol, condiment and household and personal care products.

Customers:serve for domestic and international CZPT liquid (beverage) factories such as Danone, ,¬†Otsuka, Wahaha, Uni-President, Oishi, CZPT tory, EFES, HangZhou, C’estbon, GantenMain Features

1. Main motor adopts OMRON controller with frequency inverter.

2. CZPT system adopts imported macromolecule material heat-resistance chain plus stainless steel combination. The board levels up with little abrasion.

3. The wide-chain board equips heat-resistance rubber cover to ensure stable running of bottles.

4. CZPT base is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with beautiful and clean appearance.