Wear-Resista Cheap n supplier t Plastic Mechanical Guide Chain

Product Description

UHMWPE guide rails has all the advantages of UHMWPE, and its good condition made UHMWPE track in conveyor track, protective curve track, ect. And we have developed many types UHMWPE track , all CZPT in several grades of UHMW plastic. UHMW chain guides extend chain life, reduce noise and friction. You can order them in standard sizes, or have a CZPT order.
The cHangZhou, packing and bottling industries often utilize CZPT conveyor components for their ease of use,
compatibility with other CZPT pean suppliers, resistance to abrasion and low noise properties. CZPT d tracks offer a convenient and easy way to guide side flexing chain around a corner.
Made from Virgin UHMWPE they have a low coefficient of friction, silent operation and permit high speed lines.

Unique features

                                                CZPT ifits

Abrasion resistance

Outwear steel 6:1

Chemical resistance

Resistant to most industrial acids,alkalis and solvents
Will not rust

Non Absorbent

No moisture absorption

Low coefficient of friction

Handles the worst of bulk materials assists in smooth,predictable flow


weight 1/8th that of steel

Easily CZPT d

Cut and drill with basic CZPT tools

Fastener Selection

Wide range CZPT for different conditions
 construction offers large cost savings

Properties :
Excellent performance on abrasion resistant
High impact strength
Excellent chemical resistant
Do not absorb moisture ,water and chemical liquid .
Food direct safty
Stress crack resistant 

Light weight

Excellent electrical properties

Non water absorption

Lowest coefficient of friction

Ease of fabrication

High Sliding & CZPT -stick characteristic

Section shape U-shaped, T-shaped, convex, concave, etc.
Type of uhmwpe guide rails and chain guides:
Type T, Type TS, Type CT, Type U, Type K, Type CKG, Type R,Type CRG, CZPT ized type are workable.
Customized guide rails, chain guides, plastic profile,plastic strips are workable,drawing and samples are welcome.
U shape,V shape, L shape,Z shape,flat shape, CZPT ized shape.
Why is having a good roller chain guide so important?
Well it mainly depends on chain wear. Did you know that if a roller chains side plates get worn down by just 5% you have lost a great deal of chain strength and integrity! Using the proper chain guide will prevent this from happening thus keeping you up and running safely for a CZPT er period of time. Downtime is a major factor when calculating a cost saving analysis or cost benefit analysis report, so using a roller chain guide often more than pays for its self not only with extending the chain life but with reducing down-time.
We can provide many solutions for different parts with different processes.Sincerely welcome your drawings and samples or any other kinds of designs, CZPT team will try the best to serve you and satisfy all the requirements you have.

Factory Photos:

HangZhou Waytop Industry Co.,Ltd has focused on helping clients with their CZPT plastics solutions for almost 10 years since founded in 2009. Now it becomes the largest and most professional manufacturer of Engineer CZPT such as UHMWPE and HDPE ground mats, outrigger pads,rods,sheets,parts and components. PP,PVC,PTFE products are also CZPT hot sale products.Waytop develops new products to meet CZPT ers’ changing demands every year. All UHMWPE & HDPE products ensure compliance with ISO9001:2008, and widely used in exploration industry,electric CZPT ,ports, mining,coal,paper,textile,cocking,chemical industry,etc.And it has export business in Australia, CZPT Asia,NorthAmerica,South CZPT ica and CZPT pe etc.
Waytop own the most CZPT d machine to produce and process flow compared with others.Presently,it serves many well-known enterprises in CZPT and cooperates with a number of outstanding partners in global. We always adheres to the talent-oriented and integrity-based business principles since establishment.And its management aim is to supply each partner most competitive cooperation program for their business development and expansion.
Waytop will be the way to help you to the business top. 
Join us, work together.


Q1.  How to buy your ideal products?
A. You can provide us with your drawings with specifications, we will produce as per your drawing. Or we can design as your requirements if you do not have a clear plan.  

Q2.  What is your Packing/Package ?
A. Standard export packing or CZPT ized packing as your request.  

Q3.  Would you accept to use CZPT logo ?
A.  OEM/ODM can be acceptable.  

Q4.  What kind of certificate you have ?
A. Our company already achieve ISO9001 certificates,safty   certificate of approval for mining products,Environmental management system certification certificate.Quality management system certification certificate

Q5.  What else can I do for you?
A. Our salesmen will reply your inquiry within 24 hours.  We can give you any support on the technique & other aspects.