7100g manufacturer Gripper Chain wholesaler s for Bottle Transportation Lines

Product Description


These chains used in a variety of industries including manufacturing, assembly, and packaging, for example, cosmetics, foodstuffs, paper, eletrical and CZPT ctronic sectors, mechanical, chemical and automotive industry.


Max conveyor length per drive until 25m
Operating temperature -20¯ +60ºC
Allowed max speed ca 50m/min
Packing: 1M 26PCS
Min curve radius: 160mm.

Pictures for Flexible Chain 7100G Series:

Drawing for Flexible Chain 7100G Series:

Our Flexible chains are capable of making sharp radius bends in either the horizontal or vertical plains with very low friction and low noise.

Operating temperature:-20-+60ºC
Allowed max speed:50m/min


—-Foods and beverages(bottles and cans)
—-Toilet papres
—-Tobacco manufacturing
—-Mechanical Parts

Since we have been in this industry for more then ten years,now we have many kinds of chains,if you have any interests,please feel free to contact us.

Chain Type Plate Width Working Load(max) Sideflex Radius(min) Backflex Radius(min) Weight
mm inch N(21ºC)  IBF(21ºC)  mm inch   mm inch   kg/m
7100G 83 3.25  1250  281  160  6.30  150  5.91  1.35