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Product Description

ZheJiang CZPT wei Chain company was founded in 1991, it from the state owned enterprise into a private contracting company, so far,it specially for overseas markets to provide CZPT -standard CZPT ized services. CZPT wei business range include lifting chain , lashing chain, CZPT chain , Achor chain, Steel chain ,marine and fishery chain, processing range can be 6mm-68mm, g30 to g100 grade. it’s always CZPT practice to supply high quality goods at reasonable price. We are warmly welcome you to visit and discuss CZPT , standard and other business related to the co-operation.

About CZPT wei 

In 1978, Mr. Zhu graduated from HangZhou mechanical and electrical college and was assigned to the technical management department of township chain factory. During this period, he was successively appointed as the workshop director, deputy factory director and factory director. In 1991, Mr. Zhu took over the chain factory from the public ownership system and renamed it CZPT chain factory. 

In 1999, in order to meet the market demand and improve the production efficiency, the factory introduced the rotary semi-automatic welding production line, and the output value of the next year reached five times of that of the collective economy, and the products have begun to be in line with international standards.

In 2003, CZPT chain passed the ISO2000 quality management system certificationwith complete heat treatment and testing equipment, and its products meet the German, British and CZPT ican standards.According to the requirements, the surface treatment can provide self-color, polishing, electro- galvanizing, hot- galvanizing, blackening, carburizing, Baking enamel, plastic coating etc.

In 2004, CZPT chain obtained the safety certificate of mining products, classification society certification and CE certification.

In 2005, its products began to be exported from the trading company. In 2006, it was rated by the local government as a designated production enterprise for international trade. The main overseas markets are the CZPT States, Japan, Germany, Russia, CZPT ern CZPT pe and CZPT Asian countries.

In 2571, the production scale was expanded and the fourth production line was added, with the number of employees increased to 90,and further expanded the scope of production and processing.

In 2571, the subsidiary (Haiwei chain) registered and completed the import and export record, and began to accept overseas direct orders. The factory 
adheres to the main business direction of CZPT -standard size processing and CZPT ization. The product diameter ranges from 6mm to 42mm, and the product grade standard ranges from G30 to g80 series. CZPT wei chain can meet the requirements of mining, lifting, berthing, strapping, lifting , fishery and other fields.