E. Galvanize shop d DIN766 Welded near me Steel Link Chain

Product Description

Δ  1. Product Description:

Galvanized DIN766 CZPT Chain

Size: 2mm-26mm

Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Steel, Sainless steel 304/316 , 

Packing& delivery: Gunny bag inner with pvc bag, plastic bucket/reel,metal   

                                           pail and other packing ways as CZPT er .

Δ  Technique Parameter For Your Reference :

Δ 2. Any other chain types which we could supply :

Proof coil chain astm80 (g30) 

High test chain astm80 (g43)

Transport chain astm80 (g70) 

High test aolly chain astm80 (g80) 

Barge chain 

Boom chain 

Long link lashing chain 

Din763 link chain 

Din764 link chain 

Din766 link chain 

Din5685a/c short/long link chain 

Australian standard link chain 

Chain with CZPT ring and clevis grab hook 

Hatch covers chain 

Binder chain 

FU Series Bucket CZPT Chain 

NE Series Bucket CZPT Chain 

Burying scraper chain 

NSE Series WTJ chain 

EN masse conveyor Chain 

Beried scraper coal feeder Chain 

Hidden scraper Chain 

T Series Horizontal scraper conveyer chain 

HL ring Chain

PL-plate chain hoist 

Δ3. Din766  Link Chain :

Are made of selected steel material. 

We provide the chains with the best quality and the most reasonable price.

According to different applications and functions, chains are divided into transmission chains, 

conveyor chains, lifting chains and special chains.

1. transmission chain 

Mainly used for transmitting power. For example, double pitch transmission roller chain, sleeve t

ransmission chain, toothed transmission chain,etc.

2. Conveyor Chain

Chains mainly for transportation of materials. For example, long pitch conveyor chains, short pit

 ch roller conveyor chains and so on.

3.Lifting Chains

Mainly used for tensioning and lifting machineries and cargos.

4. the Special Chains

Mainly used on special mechanical devices, with special features and structure chain. 

2) Main Informations:

Δ Production Process:

Cutting Bar Δ Heating Δ Bending Δ Welding Δ Trimming Δ Stud Setting ΔHeat Treatment Δ Pr

oof &Breaking Load Test ΔShot Blasting Δ Surface Finished Δ Packing

Δ 4. Quality & Service Assurance 

1 CZPT ble partner: CZPT ble Supplier &  manufacturing in link chain from 2002.

2.Great quality: Control for each product, from the raw material to the final process.

3. Price: Offer the lowest ex-factory prices with a wide range of shipping ways. 

4.Certification: ISO, CE material certificate, quality certificate, management 

    certificate, test reports.   

5.Transportation close to HangZhou Port & Airport, which provides great advantages

    to the trade.   

6.Quick response: All inquiries responded within 4hours. 

7.Timely delivery.       


1. Is CZPT CZPT ?  

Yes, CZPT is CZPT . We have professional designer to help your 
brand promotion.

2. How can I get a sample to check quality?
After price confirmation, you can require for samples for check .

3. Are the products tested before shipping?

Yes, all of CZPT products were  qualified before shipping.

4. What’s your quality guarantee?

We have different kindsof products which can meet different quality standard.
Hisender QC department will teset products before shipping.
Have 100% quality guarantee and will be responsible for any quality problem.

5. How about the delivery time?

Depend on  products and the quantity. But generally 50-80Ton is about one month.

6. What’s benefit will you bring?

Your client satisfied on the quality.
Your client continued orders.
You can get good reputation from your market and obtain more orders.

Good Reputation is much more CZPT ant than CZPT .